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[UK] Note 2 SIM Free deals?

Some panic selling of note2 is happening as people assume wrongly that the LTE version is going to kill the N7100 value over the next few weeks but i think 4G in UK will have a sting in the tail price wise while EE enjoy a complete monopoly.
Data useage on 4G will be horrendous.

I guess the smart move then would be to see how 4G pans out in practice?
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yes, its a great idea to "futureproof" our purchase but no good if we don't know what the future is & all cities 4G coverage in the UK is still a year off, they quote "population coverage" because you can get a huge percentage of population in cities but proper coverage in country areas is more like 2yrs away.
My view is that if you live or spend alot of time in a major city, get an LTE phone. if not then until 12mnths or so's time (when o2 & voda roll out on 800 & 2600mhz) there will still be good demand for non LTE handsets. (2yr contracts taken out on O2 in say July next year, will not be 4G so they will still be using wanting non LTE phones until July 2015) :)
The EE LTE data plans will be designed for minimal use to enjoy the service but will have stupidly low caps that cause massive bills for anyone wanting to use it properly. I'm not being negative .. I'm being realistic as Orange & T-Mobile want to snatch as many new customers as possible but will count on people not realizing just how much data a note2 with 5 times the speed will use. i used 4.5gb last month so i would want a 20gb data package :-D
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Ok long story short, Phones 4 U xxxxed up on my contract meaning my new sim hasn't activated since 12th October(been using my existing sim) After many phonecalls to them and O2, P4U decided that they had messed up and asked me in to cancel contract and enter a new one, which I am not going to do as I am going the sim free route. So tomorrow evening I will be Note 2 less!
Anyone else found any good deals?
Was thinking of the
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