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Unable to do factory reset - stuck in "ODIN MODE"

Hello, I am new to this forum and almost a complete beginner when it comes to Android.

I just found my old Samsung SM-G360F phone lying on the floor. I thought I lost it several years ago, but apparently it slipped through the bed mattress and landed on the floor where it has remained until this day.

I connected the charger and it seems that the battery still works normally. Unfortunately, I set up some password on this phone when I used it years ago, and of course, there's no way I can remember it now. So, the only way I can recover this phone is to do a factory reset.

On the Internet, I can see that the recommended method to do a factory reset on this phone is to hold the HOME key and Volume UP key, and then press the Power key and hold all three keys until the recovery mode is displayed. The problem is, I never get the recovery menu by pressing these keys, but instead I always get some kind of "ODIN MODE".

Please take a look at the screenshot I made with another phone of this ODIN MODE screen. The first picture is of this ODIN Mode screen. The second picture is what I get if I press Volume DOWN + HOME + Power On. It's some kind of download mode, which again isn't what I need right now, because there's no way to select factory reset from this mode.



Could someone please help me and explain how I can do a factory reset on this phone? Thanks in advance!
That's the download mode. To go there you press the vol down key as well as home and power:https://www.hardreset.info/devices/samsung/samsung-g360f-galaxy-core-prime-lte/hardreset-second-method/#:~:text=Press Power button, until your,-- delete all user data".

If you correctly doing home+vol up+power, then maybe their info is incorrect. Try doing the opposite......hold the vol down button instead.

No luck... If I press Volume UP + HOME + Power button I get the screen on the first picture from my first post. If I hold Volume Down + HOME + Power button I get the screen from the second picture in my first post. Neither of these screens/menus are the recovery mode.
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