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Help Unable to immediately click buttons on call screen after taking the phone away from ear!!


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Jul 21, 2010
So when I am on the call screen, and want to hang up or pull the key pad to enter some numbers, sometimes it takes about 3 seconds for the screen to become responsive and those buttons to become press-able. I say 'sometimes' because many a times it just works outright and I can lower the phone from my face and tap the end call button and it works. But other times it can create situations where I want to hang up the phone immediately but cant. Does it happen with anyone else?? One reason for this could be bad proximity sensor, but if screen can light up on taking the phone away from ear, it means proximity sensor is working fine. Any solutions?
Im having the same problem with mine. As soon as I pull the phone away from my face, it goes black. Then when I press power, the screen will only stay active for a few seconds or when I push a button it will go black again. Not just when Im ending a call, for instance checking a number or text while on a call. But since this doesnt always happen I have to assume its a bug.
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