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Help Unable to obtain location where there is no GPS signal


Feb 23, 2011
Handset: Galaxy note 3 N9005, OS 4.4.2

When in high accuracy mode, I can only get a location when I can connect to GPS satellites. If I'm indoors and there is no GPS signal then my location is never found.

In power saving mode I have the same problem. The phone refuses to give me a approximate location based on Wi-Fi or cellular network. Yes, Wi-Fi is turned on and yes, there is a strong cellular signal.

However, if I can connect (log in) to a Wi-Fi network, then my location can be found.

I don't know if I have screwed up any of the settings. With my Galaxy S 1, I could always get an approximate location solely from the cellular network, and if there were Wi-Fi networks around I could always get a more accurate location, even if I wasn't logged in to any of them.


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