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Help Unable to turn on my contacts sync on Lg esteem preventing me from synchronizing

My phone is rooted with the stock operating system. I am getting frustrated with my contacts not being able to sync with gmail

For existing contacts just go into each one and make sure the are listed under your account. By default mine adds new people I email to my contacts. The options are phone only/gmail sync/or gmail with no sync.
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I recreated the accounts from Gmail it was pulling down accounts but not pushing up accounts created on phone. Then I in installed go contacts ex. It wouldn't let me change the existing contacts but now it seems to ask to make them phone local or gmail when creating new ones.
Will only find out if that fixes it when I try to create a new contact. But it's weird under sync accounts the contacts sync remains disabled it can't turn green. Monitored enable box or account showing. Settings->accounts->sync
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