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Uneven scrolling when music player is active

I recently started listening to music on my Motion using the native music player app (not Play Music). The music is on an 8GB MicroSD card. However, I have noticed that the scrolling function is severely affected when music is being played on the device. It skips while scrolling in any screen regardless of the app. I had never experienced anything like this with my previous android phones. Has anyone here experienced a similar thing. Any suggestions or solutions?
I used Pimp My ROM to enable JIT, made a noticeable difference in GUI performance.

I did that a few weeks ago, not as a result of OP's issue.

I take it, you have to be rooted for that! but it does seem to offer better performance and resolve most of the issues I have with this phone. May be it's time to root it.
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I just tried listening to some music and I scrolled up and down through the forums. Also scrolled through my apps and photo gallery. I didn't notice any major stutter but maybe slightly. However I notice a performance hit when multitasking while on a phone call.

I'm noticing all these little annoying quirks that I did not expect to see from a phone that has a duel core processor and 1 gig of ram. My previous phones, all LGs, but single core and half the ram never behaved like this. I still like the phone a lot, but I think it should be functioning better with the hardware it has.
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