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unfortunately, google play store has stopped

hi everyone, im new to this community but ive been to other forums as well but not tech related like this.

im having a problem with my rooted CHERRY MOBILE SKYFIRE 2.0.

ive encourntered an error which says "unfortunately, google play store has stopped".

ive tried to search and seek help with my friend "google" and all answers i found lead to this suggestions.

clear cache on application manager,
force stop the play store
uninstall updates
uninstall play store and reinstall it with new apk
remove google account, and re add it again (or use a new account )

tried the worst case scenario which is doing a factory reset, still does the same process.

even clear cache, force stop, shut down for 5 minutes and relaunch app still didnt worked.

even tried to do reset app preferences on application menu and still no effect.

i tried usign factory reset again, install google play store, clear cache, force stop, reset app preference, shut down fone , relaunch and reinstall app
still didnt fix the prob.

please anyone could help regarding advanced troubleshooting?

my phone has no apps as of the moment coz i cannot install any apps coz play store is not working, ive been having this for two weeks so please help.

the only way i can do to install app is to use a pc and transfer apk files to it.

edit : btw ~ ive even tried to format memory card and format phone storage and still didnt solve the prob. is it because i rooted my phone?

1 thing more : my phone is working fine after i rooted it, i used it even after two months then this prob started happening.

any suggestions may do. thanks for those who will share comments, suggestions and opinions.
I would look on goo.im and see if there is a gapps for your device. If not find a general gapps and extract the play store from it and adb push it to /system

thanks for the reply sir I appreciate it.

I'm only new to rooting and I kinda don't. understand the. terms u used. can u elaborate further and enumerate the steps. I know this is spoonfeeding but I can't search for threads ryt now and. research coZ my WiFi source here is weak. tnx

any replies will be highly appreciated.
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