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Help Unfortunately moving on


Android Enthusiast
Jan 10, 2012
Specs: Rooted / Stock ROM

Guess I'm moving away from the F3.
I liked this phone for the price and had it around a year but it crapped out on me yesterday.
Doesn't look like anyway to revive it.
I have not changed anything on my phone for months as it was all working perfectly.
Yesterday it decided to freeze. Waited around a minute with no response. Power, back, home buttons not doing a thing so I had to pull the battery. Turning it back on got to the boot screen and no further. Waited over 5 minutes.
Got home and unbricked. Was working on reinstalling my apps when the phone froze again. Had to battery pull again.
This time I get no response at all. No power on, charge, download mode, nothing. The computer sees it but can not do anything with it.
Totally dead...
Any thoughts before I move on?
If you bought it with credit card that offers double the warranty, then file claim and send phone out to repair . Your experience is why i never root.
I have returned phones to store before the 14 or 30 day limit if i didn't find them acceptable. Just switched to another phone activated on my prepaid account.
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It looks like you're with Virgin Mobile. I think the F3 has been out under a year with them, so even if you bought it at first release it should still be under warranty through them. Call right away and work through the troubleshooting menu until you get to an actual person. Tell them the basics about your phone's problems (no mention of rooting) and they will probably just send you a replacement. This is the one area where Virgin Mobile's customer service really shines - it's easy to get a warranty replacement without getting put through the third degree about it. Then, even if you decide you want a different phone, you have one usable as a backup or to sell if you choose.
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You sure this isn't a battery issue? I just ordered one on amazon for $78. Should have it by Monday but could come earlier. Bought to replace a Kyocera Event. No serious issues with that. Just have the $ now to move to 4G at a decent cost. Plus it's about time I have a multi core phone with a front facing camera lol. Will keep my super reliable V for backup... That one's been thru everything and still has the original battery!
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