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Unlock an HTC Phone

Hello folks,

Quite some time agao I switched from an HTC Phone to an iPhone. There was nothing wrong with the HTC, I just fancied a change.

Anyway, I thought that I would charge the HTC to see if is still working OK but, I have run up against a problem inasmuch that I set a security pattern that I now, unsurprisingly, cannot remember.

Is there any way that I can get into the phone by doing a factory reset or similar? Having said that, I suppose that that course of action won't be possible because I can't get into it!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this please?

Many thanks.
yes you can do a hard reset without going into your phone's settings. which HTC phone do you have? it is usually a combo of power buttons and the volume buttons. but it will depend what phone you have.

doing a hard reset(factory reset) will trip FRP(factory reset protection). you will need to know your google account info that was originally used to setup the phone initially.....so make sure that you have that info ready. maybe log into google on your computer and make sure it is correct.

here is some more info on FRP:
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Thank you ocnbrze, I have looked at the back of the phone and I can see the following:

Model 2PS6200 M10h

Is that of any help to you. Thanks again for coming in on my query.

obriar, thank you for your input, what you say is obviously absolutely correct. However, I'm sure that this must have happened many times, and for those who forget their pattern, there must be a way for them to get over the problem. I haven't used the HTC phone for probably 6 years or more but I thought it might come in handy as a backup phone.
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