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Unlock downstroke stopped working


Dec 14, 2009
I'm not positive this is related to a software update. But it happened only after the update, so post hoc, propter hoc, etc.

I can now no longer unlock the phone with the downstroke of a finger that previously worked. I have to press the "menu" button, which doesn't work when the phone is ringing with a call.

Any ideasa about how to fix this?

Seth Williamson
Franklin County, VA
I've had a problem and its not because of where I swipe. Three separate times the phone froze up, so that when I swipe down on the gray bar, the screen would move a little, but it wouldn't unlock, and the menu button did nothing. I either had to take the battery out or just wait for it to unlock. Very frustrating, about ready to give up on this thing.
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