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Help Unlocked Captivate and calls not working now


Jul 26, 2010
So im spending a semester abroad in Italy and included in my program is a phone. the one they provide is a really old nokia so i unlocked my captivate and have been using their sim card in my phone. for the first 3 weeks it worked fine. calls and texts were okay. now for the last 3 days the calls arent working. if i call someone or they call me i just hear nothing. if i restart the phone the first call i make works. after that its back to the silence. the weird thing about this is that texting still works perfectly. calls are the only things that have been affected. im sure that there must be some simple explanation that im just missing cause im stressed. any help would be great. Thanks!
i have the same problem, too. people can hear me, though. switching to speaker when the call is connected seems to work as a quick fix when you can't reset the phone. i found that it's related to my headphone jack not detecting when the headphones are removed. if i insert the samsung provided hands free headphones, then remove them, the ear piece seems to work again. also, when the problem occurs, i can't listen to my google voice messages unless using headphones.
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i have never use headphones before. So i think our problem is different. as i said when i call someone there is no problem at first call they can hear me and i can hear them. But when i call someone other after that i cant hear their voice and they cant hear me too. then if i restart phone its back normal for the first call. but at the second call or sometimes third call the problem comes back again. my phone is unlocked and rooted froyo 2.2 (sorry for my english :eek:)
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Hey yeah I have the EXACT same problem. It had been working for months but suddenly this problem came up when I switched SIM cards from O2 to Three.

One call works for me but after that call sounds stop working. The call still goes through but the sound on my phone stops working, regardless if there are headphones in or not. Please help!!
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Bought new Cappy from US for use in OZ. Unlocked then rooted with one click. If your "use data packets" is not on, your phone will do a disco if a call trys to get through- vibrate, turn on and off etc. Since mine did it i have no carrier id or Edge or 3g signifiers in the notification bar besides signals strength. I had to restart phone to stop it. Actually wouldn't stop- 25 minutes.I had to pull out the battery. Repeated process to check effect.
Have no sound now in or out on calls, in or out going. don't know how many calls i've missed.I live alone with a terminal heart condition,have elderly and diabetics in the family. I read that may be because of non samsung earphones being used and switching matters. I have not used bluetooth etc only song vids and mp3's.
Also read that phone with the same problem works on bluetooth but not on it's own like switching is effected.
My troubles may be clash of carriers. Our carrier here loves playing with your freedom and inside your phone for it's benefit as much as AT&T.
Volume also goes up and down of it's accord.
If i can't sort this out and get rid of AT&T's bloat and fiddlings i will use it as a wifi tab. There seems to be way tooooo much trouble with apps, roms and samsung and carriers. Non of them match their claims or advertising.
Some choices. Some people have luck and land on their feet with them.
I loved it when it worked for a couple of days but have spent over 60 hours on the web in a matter of weeks trying to sort and search things and learn and 5 all nighters searching and reading. Everything conflicts and a risk taking the advice of strangers. Plenty out there think it's a joke to brick someones phone and any fix seems to cause a chain reaction of other.
I bought 8 SSB radio sets for my family. I'm over carriers, manufacturers,brush offs ,lies,false advertising and gouging. All supported by our governments.

Does anyone know of a manual for these time wasting drink coasters?
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