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Unlocking issues


Nov 3, 2022
Help.... I went to use my phone and I cant get it to unlock, turn off or anything. It is asking for a password when before I would use a pin or my finger print. It says it will require the password every 72 hrs to ensure security. I do not remember every setting up a password. How can i do a reset?
Well resetting a password to implement a new one without knowing the old password isn't likely. If it was so trivially easy to bypass, there's no point at all in even having one to begin with. It's a security measure to protect easy access to your user account on your phone.

Try doing a 'Soft Reset' of your phone, this will force it to restart normally without wiping away any of your data:
If it restarts into your typical lock screen that should work out. If not and that password prompt still pops up instead, try using your Google account password (the Google account you used when setting up your phone).
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