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Root Unroot problems htc desire


Jan 6, 2011
Tried to search but found no real answers. Please point me in the right direction of I missed something.

I want to unroot my Desire. Android 2.2, 2.10.405.2. It is unbreanded/sim-free. It was bought in Norway.

First I discovered my phone had to be mounted to the pc in removable disk mode, not htc sync mode like some guides say. When in htc sync mode none of the RUUs I downloaded would seem to run at all.

I tried the newest (?) RUU_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.29.405.5. It stopped pretty fast with the error message "Disk full while accessing c:\ruu_log\RUU_110526T233117.log". (C is the drive letter associated with the phone.)

I also tried 2.10.405.2, got the same error message. Ok, so then I tried something older, namely RUU_Bravo_HTC_WWE_1.21.405.2. This got a bit further, but stopped with the error message "Runtime Error! Program:........\ARUWizard.exe". At this point my desire screen said HTC in glowing black letters. I unplugged it and it was at some kind of recovery menu, showing hboot version and some other stuff (think it was version 093.000.1 or something like that).

Thanks for all the guidance I have found here previously when I rooted. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
OK firstly you can only use the same android version or newer. You cant go backwards.

If you cant get it running like above, you can always con nect phone to USB in fast boot (from off, hold back and press power). When at teh fastboot screen, plugging the usb in should change the title from fastboot to fastboot usb. Then run the ruu
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Ok, thanks.

But sadly it didn't work.. I got into fastboot usb and ran RUU_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.29.405.5. After the InstallShield window completed preparing for install, it disappeard and nothing happened. Can this be an issue with my computer? (XP 32 bit.) I have since my post flashed the newest stock rooted rom I could find (2.29.405.5 WWE at xda).

Thanks for your patience with me;)
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You can download the PB99IMG.zip from the downloads thread in my signature and put it on the root of your SD card. Boot into Hboot and it should pick it up and return it completely to stock

Its like an RUU that runs from your SD card instead.

Downloaded your file. Powered on with back button pressed -> fastboot -> selected bootloader from the hboot menu -> selected 'recovery'. Then an android appeared unpacking some stuff apparently. Then he disappeared and the green htc letters appeared, and the phone booted like normal. I still see the su app in the ap drawer, so did I do something wrong?
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I downloaded PB99IMG.zip from the ultimate dropbox thread by SUroot here on androidforums. You could also follow the guide provided by EddyOS on xda (how to extract rom from ruu). Then be sure that the filename is exactly 'PB99IMG.zip', nothing more or less. Put it in the root of the sd card, power on the phone holding volume down button pressed. Wait a few seconds. It detects the .zip all by itself. Then you have to confirm that you want ro update and later you have to select reboot. That's it! Stock phone.

My problems during this: I never got to the first step in EddyOS' guide because the main window of the ruu file (on the PC) never appeared. So I downloaded this file instead, but failed to rename it, so hboot didn't pick it up.

Thanks! Now I can sell my pretty Desire to normal people ;)
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