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Root Unroot without SD card?


Sep 20, 2010
Ok so I've been rooted for the last 5 months and I was making a NANDROID back up in recovery, went to reboot the phone and got the dreaded 5-vibrate, green LED error. I've searched all over and see that there really is no fix for that. My replacement is already here and I'm sending the old one back tomorrow. Problem is, the phone can't access the SD card so I can't put S-On......in hboot the phone does say S-on but I can boot it up if its plugged in through USB (and of course OMFGB boots up).
I've looked through these forums and found some similar results for unrooting without an SD card, but nothing seems to work. My laptop doesn't detect internal storage or SD card.......so do I just have to hope the factory doesn't get the phone to boot (if they dont try with it plugged in it won't)? Or is there some way you could download a file from the phone browser that could be applied??


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