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Help Unsmooth homepage scolling

I dont know if this is normal (ive only had my Galaxy S2 for a few weeks) but scrolling between home screens is very unsmooth for me.

I only have 3 home screens, I have the default Clock widget and 4 folders on the first, a music player widget and 8 apps on the second, and a data usage widget + 8 apps on the third. My background is not a live wallpaper but it is one that scrolls over all 3 pages.

Ive also noticed several games lag slightly, Sonic 4 Episode 1 for example in general feels slightly sluggish, and if I break an invulnerability crate it will freeze up for a split second, same goes for when a boss first appears.

I thought the Galaxy S2 was a phone that could deliver a smooth experience no matter what was thrown at it, is what is happening with mine normal or is something perhaps slowing it down?
Have you tried a new launcher? I use "Go launcher ex" and find that pretty smooth (with the exception of the bottom quicklaunch bar since ICS). .. Its you can easily revert back to the default if you don't like it.

I did try one called LauncherPro but there didnt seem to be any difference, i'll try Go launcher ex and see what happens.
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I'm experiencing the same thing since my ICS update :thinking:

There just seems to be a mini "stutter" when scrolling left and right that I didn't get (or didn't notice) on GB!

A few people seem to recommend a factory reset in respect of battery life failing - I wonder if this would help things on the scrolling?

It's very annoying that we've waited so long for ICS and now we have it, it's not the saviour that everyone was expecting!! :mad:
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Ive installed the Go Launcher EX and this does my homescreen transitions feel much smoother. This maybe a n00b question but now im using this launcher is the default one disabled or still running in the background? And if its the latter is there a way to disable it? Just thinking about battery life + phone performance.

Another question I have is the voice command function, I noticed if I double press the home button the voice command opens, even if my phone is locked, is there a way to disable this? I dont know if this is a Go Launcher EX feature or default phone feature, I have installed the locker add on for the launcher so I get the 'slide to unlock' screen.
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