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Help Unwanted gallery items


Sep 10, 2011
Hi I am new to posting here. I have an HTC desire z and recently I have noticed the number of pictures in my downloads folder in the gallery going up and up. I actually have 14 pictures in there, but it is repeatedly downloading 3 thumbnail icons from somewhere: twitter, bms and linked in icons. (All of which i don't use). These then repeat and repeat. I deleted them all last week and yesterday i was back up to 2800 downloads all these 3 icons. Again i manually deleted them this morning and i am already back up to nearly a hundred. I am worried this is something malicious and am also worried about data charges. Can anyone help?
ok i think i have found out what it is - those apps have never been used so it isnt them. the logos are appearing a new time everytime my email syncs
i have deleted my email account to test and it has stopped them coming through. I am on orange. before i deleted it, i tried everything in settings to stop the pictures from downloading (they must be on one of my emails somewhere) but failed miserably. now i can't reinstate my email account until i can sort it out
how do i stop pop email from downloading these thumbnails?
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LOL I am the main poster here, but i wanted to put the answer (i think) so that if anyone has the same prob they can find it. I re set up the email and set them to only download text and to limit the size of each email individually. this seems to have stopped it so far:)


It's always appreciated when people post with the solution to their problem if they find it themselves. That way, if other users have the same issue, it's there for all to see.
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