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Root [UPDATE] Rom Manager!!!

a rom release is finally out in
the fascinate's rom manager
if you guys didnt know or havent
gotten to it yet go check it out

finally a release in rom manager
for us fascinate users which means
more to come in time..

yeah its cool to see stuff in rom manager, but there have been releases at xda (including this) for awhile. i enjoy the simplicity at times of rom manager, but its nice to read the devs instructions/warnings in a post before flashing
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Yeah but I think some people were still having to pull out Odin after the toggle no? I mean I'm not that worried about making the "disable" file correctly which is what the toggle does, it just doesn't seem to work consistently.

yeah disable lagfix is a crapshoot it seems no matter what....adrynalynes uninstaller works well and is updated....worst case just remove it manually in recovery with adb (you do loose data) which i dont mind because i just restore everything with a nandroid after or titanium has my apps's data back up.
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