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Root [UPDATED] 4/16 Post your AnTuTu Benchmark for CTMod, CM7 and 187-MoD.


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Jun 27, 2011
UPDATED for CTMod W/KoumaKernel, CM7 W/KatoKernel and 187-MoD. Please specify which ROM you are running.
Please post whether or not the posted settings are the ones that you use everyday. New users will need those settings. If you would like, please post both everyday settings and performance settings. Thx;)

4/15/12: Please include which theme you are running if any. I ask this because different themes give better/worse benchmark scores. If you would like, post multiple screen shots of benchmarks running different themes. Thank you again for your participation in this thread.

HI all. I figured I would start a thread for us to post our AnTuTu Benchmarks scores for CTMod so that we wouldn't take up a lot of space in Bloodawn's thread. Please post all your info ( CPU app and setting ) that you used to achieve your benchmark score. Thanks

This will be interesting to see what kind of bechmark scores that everyone is getting. I used the best test out of three and I would ask that you do the same.

The following was achieved with:

AnTuTu CPU Master Pro


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Anyone have any idea about this??

Sent from my pumped up Prevail running CTMod 3.4 OCd to 925 MHz with Tapatalk 2 Beta 6

might be because when run a bench on cpu-antutu it is using a default and doesn't see your voltage control settings. since pro is all adjustable it is reading the settings you are using. even in pro if i do certain bench runs it will use max instead of my max,at lets say 800, and then other settings it will run max at 800 if set at that.

if anyone else can give input incase i'm wrong please help.
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Maybe I'll see if I can get ahold of Voltage Control Pro and see if it's any different... :p

it is pretty cool you can customize the cpu for incalls, charging, screen off, and low battery, so you can control battery usage and the cpu for heat and actions during these processes.:D

you can change the scaling mode for each action.
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Ok I managed to get ahold of Voltage Control Extreme and Antutu Benchmark still only showed the MAX Freq instead of MY MAX set Freq, so I guess some programs don't work well together... :/





hum!! never tried that like said i use cpu master pro. i got it at play store so don't know how to give the key out?? if you know tell me and will give it to you.
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I asked the same question about the MHz showing 946 even though it's at at 900. Crazy thing is when I move it to 925, it reads correctly. I dunno man. :thinking:

don't know either, when i do it at different settings, i hit apply and not just move level. her's mine at different ones.

View attachment 30498

View attachment 30499

funny how the card read and write can change that much in these two, in just a few minutes without doing anything else.
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