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updating the "phones" page

That section was a huge project to put together and most certainly is not meant to be useless, by any means.

However most this site (the phandroid side) is a two man show and we're having a hard time keeping it all maintained.

Yes, we are looking for someone to take on the phone guide. Someone dedicated and willing - it is a large amount of work.

It also needs to be someone we know and trust so... yeah we're working on getting that sorted.

Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt.
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idk, all android phones would be lots of info, and i perused the phone section today and thought it was really well done. as far as layout and ease of use it gets a A+ from me.

the info will come, things change, get updated, whatever, im sure it is time consuming but nevertheless a nice feature.

might be able to expand on that in the future and add a phone matrix of sorts that would allow an end user to compare all the features, carriers, etc....could be a big draw for phandroid.
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