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Help Upgrading my firmware on my S2

I am encountering a problem when I am trying to update the fimware on my Galaxy S2, there is an error message advising that I do not have enough diskspace and it requires 3000MB, how can I create more space?

May I also ask what is USB storage? Is is the same as the internal memory on the phone as there is a huge amount of memory space and there is only 1.82GB available on the device memory.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
Have you got an external SD card installed? You could move apps/music/photos to that to create extra space if you haven't already done so.

USB storage is the internal diskspace, if there is more than 3000mb you should be able to update, the device memory is part of the RAM IIRC so you don't have to worry about that.
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