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Root USB debugging when connected to computer


Dec 20, 2011
I just got my LG Optimus v phone with android 2.2.2

my computer sees my phone when I turn on debugging but asks me to insert a disk(yes I have a sd in phone) and I have downloaded the drivers serveral times form here and LG(uninstalling every time I redownload)

if I have Debugging off I can access the SD card with no problem, so my question is should I try to root the phone with the Debugging off or am I doing something wrong? I am running Windows XP if that helps.
gingerbreak requires debugging on.
I've read that sometimes the cable has to be connected to a pc for gingerbreak to work on picky phones.
you won't need to get at the sd card with the pc while it's rooting.
It'll reboot on its own after gingerbreak works, so after rooting, when you need ADB you can turn on debugging, and otherwise, turn it off.
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1. Turn on USB Debugging (Settings - Applications - Development)
2. Copy the GingerBreak.apk to a /sdcard dir, then using a 'file manager' app (search for one in Android Market) install it like a regular app.

so should I go ahead and put Gingerbreak.apk on my sdcard with debugging off then turn on Debugging and install it?

Sorry if you didn't undersand my orgianl question
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