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I am trying to hook my phone up to my car stereo which has a USB port. I am just using the USB cord that came with the wall charger, but everytime that I try to plug it in it says USB error on my stereo. Just wondering if anyone else has had these kind of problems or what other options could I use to hook my phone to my car stereo (I do not have an AUX port in my car). thanks for any help!
Due to a change in the 2.1 roms, they way the phone recognizes usb connections, (and by association the way devices recognize the phone as connected to usb has changed). When you try to connect the phone to your computer you are given different options. Now, you have to select the connection type from the notification bar. The default is set to "charge only." You might try setting the default to "disk mode" and seeing if that works. If not, you could try "HTC Sync" mode. Good Luck!
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