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usb mass storage now?


Jan 19, 2012
I have 2 phones. One is 4.0.4 and the other is 4.2.1. When I connect 4.0.4 to PC, the phone prompts to start PC Companion (software). But when I connect 4.2.1 to PC, the phone pops a button "TURN ON USB MASS STORAGE" Once I touch the button, I can browse both the phone memory and SD card. I can move files between PC and SD card. Is this a standard feature of 4.2.1? I just wonder if I can get the same feature once I upgrade the other phone to 4.2.1. Thanks.
I have a SGS4 now and miss the USB Mass Storage selection. (Have it on my Atrix 4G) It made it easier to transfer pictures from my phone to computer using the Kodak program. Now I have to save the files to a folder I created on the computers desktop, open the Kodak program, then select that folder with the pictures in it. But I do like the fact that I can still use the stuff on the internal storage and SD card though.
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No an app cant add that to the system. As said before, its ROM level. The manufacturer added it in. What are the devices you own? Specific names.
It is ThL W100, a Chinese phone, not a top tier Chinese. I tested it with and without Airdroid. I uninstalled Airdroid, and the phone didn't pop "Turn on USB Mass Storage". Reinstalled Airdroid, and the phone popped the message.

By the way, my PC's are Ubuntu (Linux), not Windows.

I will install Airdroid on 4.0.4 (Sony Xperia Arc) and see if I get the same prompt.
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