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Help USB Mounting as disk drive issues..

For some reason, the phone mounts the SD card for disk drive just fine but the vehicles AUX input won't recognize the phone 9 times out of 10. It does work, i've had it running a few times and it's great, but not consistently. I want to get in my car, plug in the usb cable to the phone and to the truck and listen to my music. The phone is set to mount as disk drive as default... i've tried a bunch of different methods but I can't figure this out.

I'm thinking it's the truck (2011 nissan juke) but why would it work sometimes and not all the time?! lol
So your saying just throw a few MP3's in the main SD card folder as a "bait" for the truck to read then go in and select the Music folder? (I can navigate the sd card with the truck kinda a gift and curse) I'll give it a shot shouldn't hurt. Thanks for the quick response.

I just downloaded my music from the phone well copied it to my laptop then dumped it onto my palm pre... currently it'll be my media device.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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Didn't read the pre with a folder right on top saying "music" lol

So i'm reloading it with just MP3 files, so when the phone loads as a disk drive it'll only be MP3's showing up... hopefully it'll work. As for the evo it didn't work putting a few files in the SD card root folder... any other suggestions to get the phone it show up?
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