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USB Pen Mount Superpad 3


May 20, 2011
Hi there,

I've bought a Superpad 3:
Android Version: Android2.2-20110325
Kernel Version:
Build Number FRF85B.

Kind of a newbie...

I wanted to know what do I need to do to get my USB Pen devices od Disks to be recognized by the Android System. I've downloaded a file manager as well eFile but my drives don't show up. Do I have to mount it previously or enable USB in some way?

Thanks in advance,

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Any1 know y de android market is not great on superpad 3. Can't get angry birds viber or whatsapp but can get angry birds backup etc.

I assume you mean Googles 'Market'. Because Google have not approved the Flytouch range of tablets your Market experience will be somewhat lacking. (crap). There are several workarounds.
Use an android phone and install dropbox. Get the apps on your phone and copy them to your tablet via dropbox.
Use a different apk repository.
Google the apk and download from there
Learn to use a torrent client.
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