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Help USB tether only lets me browse Google.


Jun 28, 2013
Sorry if this has been posted before I searched and wasn't able to find this issue. I'm using a rooted motion 4g with d firmware and metros unlimited data plan.

I'm able to connect with the stock USB tether and foxfi as well to an xp and a windows 7 box. Google searches work and are lightning fast. Trying to go to a search result is so slow it usually times out.

I've tried using dns changer to use open dns instead of googles. No luck.

I need to rely on my phone as my primary internet connection for a while. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?
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Yes it's been posted and answered about a gazillion times both here and elsewhere. You need to use a user-agent switcher on your PC browser, it has nothing to do with DNS. Search here or Google for "user agent" and you'll find all the info you need. Aside from that, using the phone as a primary internet connection is not the best idea especially if you are a heavy data user. Depending on how much you use each month, you could find yourself throttled after a while. Metro's "unlimited" data plan does have an unofficial cap which has been reported to be 60GB/month. OTOH if your usage is relatively light then you may not have an issue with potential throttling. There is also the consideration of security, connecting through the phone does not allow for use of a router or firewall other than whatever software firewall you may have on your PC so your exposure to intrusion will be greater.
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