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Use droid SD storage on Xbox 360

Hi all! hard2say here. I'm new to the forums and couldn't find anything related to my topic.

I connected my Droid to the Xbox 360 and was able to get the Droid to allow me to mount the SD card as I would with a PC. But, the Xbox 360 isn't seeing it and the Droid displays "Sorry, your SD card is busy (in use.. something like that)."

Any other gamer dorks out there had success with this?
Oh I also forgot, I was able to view all of my music etc on my phone, by using the PS3.

To copy from your PS3 to your phone? I'm interested in using my Droid as a "Portable Device" on my 360. Could care less about transfering / viewing files back and forth. Unless we're talking about "streaming." Thanks for your replies though.

Anyone else out there?
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I believe 360s only see FAT32 formatted memory via USB. I'm not even sure what format the SD card is. Did you try going to music and seeing if it showed up there? I haven't tested it out on mine.

Interesting thought. I don't have much to lose on my installed SD, but think I'll try some things on one of my other SD cards first..... be back.
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xbox is the iphone of consoles....NOTHING that isn't from Microsoft works with it. I mean right down to the wireless head set. They could have added blue tooth but noooooo they wanted to rape us for another 40$. Oh and the HD's that cost me 40$ on newegg.com and the equivalent from MS is 160$.

For the record, I have a xbox and live is better then the ps3 equivalent. But the lack of needed updates for the live system is highly reminiscent of MS's mobile division....I think MS is slippin....
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