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Help Use Hero as a GSM modem.


Feb 10, 2011
I find lots of info about using the Hero as a 3G modem and that works fine for me to get onto the internet.

I'm a software developer and want a PC application to communicate with a remote monitoring device that has GSM capability. I'll probably need to buy a dedicated GSM modem in future but as a temporary solution wondered if my Hero could act like one.

Ideally I'd like to install some software/do whatever to get a new virtual serial port appearing on my PC (Windows 7).
Then, I open a terminal emulator and send an 'ATDxxxx' command to my Hero to establish a connection with the remote end.
Send/receive data as required.
+++ or ATH to hangup.

Is this possible?

The HTCSync software creates an NDIS driver for GPRS/3G but not a serial port for GSM.


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