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Help use pc keyboard for galaxy?


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Jul 24, 2011
Hello, wanted to know if there is an app to connect my laptop to my galaxy thru bluetooth so i can use laptops keyboard to type in the phone.

Just want to fast chat on mobile app :)))

and yes i dont want to buy a separate bluetooth keyboard for the phone.
You can download "wifi keyboard" app from the market. If your phone and your computer is connected to the same wifi/wired internet then you can type directly on the computer's keyboard and the text/typing will show up on the phone.

If both the computer and the phone are not on the same network but are both connected to the internet (the phone through 3g the computer through other means) then you can connect too. You just use the phone's unique ip address to connect. But this way there is a bit of a time lag between the typing and it showing up on the phone's screen.

Failing that if you have wireless tethering from your phone you can have you wifi computer connect to the phone's data connection and you can type through there.

Long story short. Wifi keyboard is the solution that you're looking for. It is very easily setup and once the input method is set to wifi keyboard there is a notification on your stat bar that tells you what ip address and port to connect to. You can use any browser to point to that location ...
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