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Help User guide in english


Dec 15, 2009
My cd has the user guide (284 page pdf) in German only (I lie in Germany) I would like this in english. T-mobile Germany say they can't help me. T-mobile UK could only advise contacting Huawei. Huawei won't help me as I am an end user, their exact words!!!! I got into their website but the guide there is the smaller version (88 page pdf) and in Chinese! Can anyone help me, please
Hi BlueTonic1

You can view a copy online on the T-Mobile site, I take it that's not what you're after?

I had a similar problem (my macbook won't can't use the CD), and the response was to go to a store and they'll give you a copy. I wasn't that desperate though, as the online version answered (or rather, didn't have the information) the questions I had.
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