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Help Using LG Optimus V Overseas

Hi ,

I recently bought the LG Optimus V, and i love it! However, one thing i need to know is if there is a way to avoid spending a lot of money overseas for talk/data. I checked the website and it said it's .05 or something per kb, which seems like alot and the phone has no sim card. Is there anyway to use 3G and talk in Sweden, England and Spain for something like $25 unlimited? Or do i have to unlock it?

My issue with unlocking it is

1. i dont know how to for this particular phone
2. i dont want it to interfere with buying apps, my current apps or my current plan ( the $25 one)
3. i dont want to lose the virgin mobile 3G coverage

So any helpful advice on this question would be greatly appreciated. Im kind if new with this smartphone trend, so i dont know much! :p
"3G" as-used in the US is a marketing term. So yes, you get "3G" on CDMA meaning higher data rates and better network performance. But no, it is not "3G" GSM which the rest of the world uses. You will not be able to use the V outside the US at all, nor even with another carrier inside the US.

The good news is, basic "chocolate bar" GSM phones are dime-a-dozen in the rest of the world and prepaid SIM cards are cheap too. Check out Tesco's selection:
Tesco Phone Shop - Mobile Phones | Sim Cards | Broadband and Homephone

They have a T-Mobile "Zest" for about $12, no service, no contract. T-Mobile Zest Black - Tesco.Direct
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