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Help using note 2 as wifi adapter for desktop?


Jan 26, 2013
Hi guys

Has anyone successfully used their note 2 as a wifi adapter/dongle for desktop? (Running windows 8.1 home on mine)

I connected the phone with usb, turned on usb tethering in settings, and for about a minute or two I had Internet on my computer through the wifi router at home, but then randomly it lost connection and could not work again until I reinstall the driver (only to lose connection again shortly)

I searched the Web for latest samsung ndis driver but no luck getting it to work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
pretty sure he wants to use his note 2 connected to his pc to connect to his home wifi not using his data plan on his phone.. Foxfi looks like it uses his data like a "normal" hotspot..
I'd like to know as well I have a note2 & need to connect 1 of our pc's to our wifi as it doesnt have a built in wifi adapter..
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I don't think you can achieve that, because your Note, or any phone for that matter, will either be a wireless (Wifi) client to your router or it will act as a wireless access point, in which case it will use your data plan as it will access the internet via a data connection and not WiFi; I believe you cannot run both services concurrent. I know you would like your phone to transform into a Wifi dongle of sorts, but I haven't heard of anyway that is possible.
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