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Help Using .ogg files as notification tones - trouble .


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Oct 17, 2010
Hey all,

I have a soundboard app that allows you to set the sounds as notifications or ringers. When I set ond as a tone, it shows up in the list of tones as a tone and will preview properly amd shows as currently selected. However, the original mp3 tone that was previously set still plays. The soundboard tone is in .ogg format

However, if I install chompsms or another sms app, the ogg properly plays. Just not with the stock messaging app.

Any thoughts on whether or not ogg files can play with the stock app?

Thanks in advance,

.ogg is not an audio format, it's a container file that wraps any number of audio codecs. The native notification player uses a different decoder for notification tones than than the preview player (for some strange reason), and most third party apps use the same decoder as the preview player (the standard audio decoder). My guess is that whatever codec that was used to encode your .ogg file is supported by the native multimedia decoder, but not the notification player. Your best bet is to just reencode to mp3 or try some other format.
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