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Root using the ascend as a small tablet.


Sep 15, 2011
i have two old ascends that i have laying around since me and the wife upgraded to different phones a while ago, and i came up with an idea to use one for a tool around internet/media tab and use for recording video while out playing in the jeep. after installing playfullmod/cm7 ect trying to find something i liked, i was wondering (if the devs where up to it), making a stripped down rom with just the basics like gps and internet connectivity taking out all the crap for the phone side.. for us people who don't have service on them yet still use these phones, i mean with allot of crap stripped from the phone wouldn't it run a whole lot better? any ideas?
im in the process of going though a build with titanium backup and im finding things i don't need will cause the system to force close and and end up re-flashing to get it to stop.


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