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V20 issues reported to LG

V20 issues reported to LG?

  • Post what was sent to LG either by chat, email or the links I've provided in the post...

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  • List issues with examples, when/how it happens (app you used?), and what carrier?

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I have the LG V20 on Verizon. The latest update I have is VS99513A. and I have had a nightmare with the LG V20 and I had factory reset my V20, 5 times. Apps still force close, reboots. Its frustrating. My LG V20 isn't rooted. I love the LG V20, one of the best smartphones of all time.
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my Verizon LG-V20 is usually too dim when in auto-brightness mode. I resort to manual brightness ( brighter) but then I run my battery down faster . I tried adjusting the brightness while it is in auto mode as others have said will work. It does NOT stick on my LG-V20. It would be great if an update or app would allow me to adjust the auto brightness a little brighter than what it defaults to. The worst is in a medium bright to dim room.
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