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Root V6 supercharger and smali?


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Oct 7, 2011
Does, or do any of you all use v6 supercharger? I'm running it and its all installed on my phone and running at 75% supercharged. The only thing keeping me from 100% is you have to compile and put the smali code in the script folder. Does anyone know how to do this with the phone itself? I have no PC so I can't run the bat/ exe file necessary for the complete installation. If anyone could help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated.
Here is my modified services. I only did the launcher mod if you wasnt the multi tasking mod let me know and ill do it tomorrow.

Flash in recovery, wipe dalvik cash, and when you reboot run the cleanup script.

services. jar

Thanks bro! Sure if you can do the multitasking mod I'll use it also, much appreciated:dancing2:
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Download a busy box installer from the play store and make sure you have the latest version.
Go here and download the rc12 version.
Take the .PDF off the end of the name.
Go back to the play store and download script manager.
Open script manager browse to the file you downloaded select the renamed script.
Select su on top.
Then hit run and follow the directions.
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