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Root Vanilla 2.2 ROM


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Apr 17, 2010
I am looking for a vanilla 2.2 ROM to use on my incredible. I have not been keeping up the the custom roms lately however so I am looking for some suggestions. I know that CyanogenMod used to be a good option but is it still considered one of the best or does anyone have any other suggestions?

If I understand it correctly, the approach taken by the two are a bit different:

Adrynalyne's Vanilla starts with a leaked version of the stock htc rom, strips out the a much of the htc junk as possible while keeping things performing fast and stable (basically rosie? - the launcher + widgets + clocks. Most notably, the phone-related components - dialer, logs/contacts, phone screen, answer screens - are still htc).

CM seems to go from 'ground up' type of approach, adding to and modding a vanilla version of android. It is very much vanilla, which a number of nice but typically controllable tweaks. This includes a vanilla style dialer, phone, contacts, etc. With the current stable version, it seems the most notable missing component is the camcorder.

Currently, I am running adryn's pbnj2, which has been working very well, save for the htc phone related issues (mitigated by some add-ons, but not yet to my liking). My biggest problem is that I have invented how I want the phone to look and function, but it is almost a hybrid of the two. In order to deal, I might just take some vacation days and try to develop my own solution.
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