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Verizon commercial on Incredible Camera

Seems like VZW is revealing the phone little by little. The first Inc showed the front only, and now we get to see the front and back. Also seems like they're highlighting one element at a time (first being the processor was fast, and now the camera). I think its a decent series of commercials, however, I don't get the black box? (and please, no references to "the mysterious box" that was the craze in the Official Incredible Thread)

Edit: I have not seen that HTC one. Is that being aired on TV?
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at 1:00, you likely won't see the HTC commercial on TV much or ever.. The Verizon ones are pretty cold but aggressive. I like them but they don't touch that "iDon't" commercial for the Moto DROID. I have yet to see a commercial on TV yet but I did hear the 1st one this week from a different room and missed it altogether.
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