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[Verizon] New Radio leak(CDMA/LTE Nexus)

If those preliminary results are accurate, the 4.0.3 update (assuming it includes this radio update) will be a great improvement for people with signal issues!

it seems like a pretty good start if anything. Hopefully it will be rolling out soon for those with issues and help increase the signal strength for everyone, not to mention this should help with battery life also.
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Im assuming that I can flash the CWM recovery image in my adb folder, install the zip, then reboot. Or do I need to permanently flash CWM?

You should be able to softboot CWM and flash the radios that way yes, just like if you rooted by softbooting CWM so you keep the original recovery.

Thanks. Is there a way to backup the current radio? I'm coming from the Inc so flashing radios seems to be different from what I'm used to ( didn't flash them from CWM )...

I don't think so but the stock radios can be download I don't have a link currently but could find one for you if you need me to.
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This is sitting in my basement right now, ping not so good but best I've seen so far on the old radio was 1.9..

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