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[Verizon] Newest GApps

Ok, I'm just confused because they say not compatible with 4.1.x, I know theres a certain GApps i need, but I dont want the 4.1.x GApps, I want the 4.2.2 (or if the 4.3 are out) GApps that will work with a 4.1.2 ROM.
Let me help here,

Unless you are running a custom ROM in which the developer specifies a GApps package, it doesn't really matter if you flash the most current GApps. A case in which a developer may customize GApps is for themed GApps, in which case you would be relying on the developer to keep that package updated.

When you flash most GApps packages, if it is out of date, go to the Play Store and update your GApps.

You may be wanting to avoid the extra time to download updates, but you would conceivably update a Google app anyway when a new version is available.

Hope that helps,

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Not 100% of the time y'all. AOKP has long offered a GApps package which offered a modified gallery app which changes certain camera functionality. I'll look around and see what I can come up with for ya.

Thanks, sounds great! I'm not sure if ive mentioned this, i do have 4.2 Gapps, just want an updated version, I'm mostly interested in the group messaging with iPhones aspect of all of this though. (It could also not be possible to use the group messaging on 4.1.2 no matter what Gapps i have, i really dont know)
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