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Root [Verizon] Problems rooting my Note 2


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Nov 29, 2010
I've been looking through XDA,Rootzwiki, and AndroidForums to try to find what most people thought the best method to root was. I came to the conclusion that using the "Casual" one-click method found here ( http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2272066 ) seems to be the consensual best. I have a problem with it not recognizing my phone. I know that the drivers are installed correctly because Odin recognizes it but for some reason this exploit program WILL NOT. I've noticed reading through the threads that there were a couple other people having this same issue but haven't heard an answer yet. If anyone needs to know anymore about my situation to help me, feel free to ask. Thank you in advance for the advice. This is why I love this community.


I don't know if a log file would help...it doesn't say much but let me know if you need one. I'm pretty sure I know how to do it lol ;)



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