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[Verizon] Question about restoring apps and data


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Nov 12, 2009
North Alabama
I am just getting started on unlocking my bootloader, rooting...etc. (a bit more involved than on my X) and had a question. I have a couple of apps installed on my Droid X that I have backed up with TB and wondered once I get my Nexus rooted and all if those couple of apps with data could be restored? The apps are Remote VNC Pro 2.0 and Jabiru. These have specific setting in them that take a while to get set back up and I didn't know if restoring them would cause an issues or not coming from Gingerbread installs and going to ICS.
If you transfer all the data from your sd card to the "usb storage/sd" on the nexus and then run titanium, it should restore both the app and the data, just don't move things around.
The nexus is also awesome at restoring itself. Check our market.android.com & sign in, go to library, and click on any app it misses. No data will be restored, but its awesome to get old apps back.
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