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[Verizon] Seeing ALL folders when connected to pc?


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Dec 5, 2011
How do you guys see all the folders on your windows pc?
I've seen mods where you have to do stuff to some files on your pc. And When i connect my nexus. I get all the standard folders, none of those system etc stuff. It comes up on my pc as media player. I have root explorer though so I can mod stuff directly on phone. But I was reading about skinning the soft buttons and I cant find a folder they talking about.

Here's the link in questions.
Skin the Soft Buttons?? - xda-developers
Anytime I do work on either systemUI.apk or framework-res.apk I will use root explorer to copy the app then paste it on the SD to get it to my CPU.

From there I will do the work I need to on the apk before pushing it back.

I like to do this with a rom so I can just replace the system apk within the rom zip prior to flashing but I believe it is possible to push it to /system using adb or fastboot.
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