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Root [Verizon] Verizon Galaxy S3 ported to Cricket...is 4G LTE possible?


Jul 4, 2013
I recently ported my number to Cricket wireless from Verizon and kept th end same 4G sim card and they told me at the cricket store that I won't be able to get 4G. Right now I get 3g only and it stinks. Anyone know a fix? I am rooted and using Synergy Rom r484. Any help is mucho appreciated!
Bummer. On another note, I was curious as to what Cricket actually did to my phone to get it working on their service. I have my phone rooted and running SynergyRom r484 and only noticed they installed a sms/mms app that definitely needs to run in order for me to send pictures messages. If I wipe my phone and install a different version of Synergy, I was wondering if that sms program is the only thing I need to add? Or will I wipe something else out that Cricket may have placed on the phone? Any help is appreciated.
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