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Verizon vs Sprint? Plans/Phones Help please?


May 28, 2011
I'm a college student who is currently on my family's family plan with verizon. We have four lines on our family plan with 1400 shared minutes, unlimited texting, free nights and weekends. My mother and father use the LG touch (not sure if they are paying for data currently) and my brother and i have the alias 2. My mother thinks its a bit pricey and can't decide if she wants to stay with verizon or pick up and go elsewhere. From what I can tell from searching around Sprint seems to be the next best thing to verizon, especially price wise. I am however weary of sprint's smartphone/android phone quality. I have heard the HTC evo 4g is on par with the HTC thunderbolt and of course the evo 3d is coming out within the week, but im having trouble finding out what the cost difference would be between the two companies.

Also, I was considering breaking off from the family plan if she takes too long deciding and picking up my own plan. I saw that verizon is offering the HTC thunderbolt amongst others for free on monday so long as you pick up a 2 year long contract with it. I think this is very tempting..however, with studentrates.com they have a promo going where if you buy the HTC evo you get..

Mail-in Rebate - $(100.00)
$50.00 Account Credit - $(50.00)
StudentRate Rebate - $(25.00)
HTC Rebate through StudentRate* - $(20.00)
Free Car Charger - $(35.00)

Also the activation fee and shipping fee are waived.

So i'm having a lot of trouble deciding what to do. Im a college student with a pretty limited income and only really want unlimited texting, free nights and weekends, at least 450-500 minutes and unlimited data package while nabbing one of the best phones out there at the moment so in a year from now i wont be too far behind in smartphone tech.

I know thats a bundle of questions and comparisons, so anyone who is familiar with this game can see why my head is spinning trying to figure it out.
Perhaps you don't really need a data plan? Perhaps a feature phone with a keyboard for texting will work. It seems to me, on the other hand, that being on a family plan is going to be a lot cheaper no matter what company you go with, so I'd be patient. You seem to be in a hurry. Another section you can ask this same question in would be the Android Lounge. Android Lounge - Android Forums There's a lot more traffic in there and you'll get more varied replies.

Good luck to you in your phone search and in your schooling! :)
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If it is all about cost, Sprint is #1.
If it is about coverage and service, Verizon is #1.
That is not just my opinion, but it is a general consensus among consumers and experts alike. ;)

I'd stay away from ATT & T-Mobile.

No doubt that Sprint is the most cost effective. However, as the old saying goes - "you get what you pay for"

I just left Sprint after only 11 months of service. During that time, I experienced 7 - 8 weeks of extremely bad phone service. Last fall it was cross talk (connected to random people) and the last 4 weeks was what me and my sprint neighbors refer to as "helicopter calls" (bad clicking sound when answering a call).

I use my phone for business and can not have the poor phone service that I have been experienced for the past 11 months.

Effective last night, I am now on Verizon and could not be happier. Better signal, better 4G than Sprint, and a lot of confidence in my provider.
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