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Verizon's Future Projects

Verizon Wireless is aiming and on track to have at least 75% of the country covered in LTE coverage by April 2012http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/08/09/exclusive-verizon-wireless-20102011-roadmap/

75% of the population or geography? That's a big difference.

I live in Verizon heaven here in New England yet my house has crap coverage. I'd love it if they bring in just EVDO.

I saw this article along with persistent rumors of a CDMA only iPhone in January. Where are the LTE phones? I'm waiting to see some rumors from that mill.

Earlier rumors of the CDMA iPhone point out that it may be directed toward a CDMA carrier in China. I would not be surprised if Verizon just said no to the iPhone. Verizon Wireless just doesn't seem all that comfortable ceding control to the device manufacturer as Apple requires, and we have only to remember the Verizon Wireless Nexus One debacle of a few months ago to remind us of this.
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