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Root Very poor data speed


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Mar 23, 2011
Hey, I was just wondering if there is a way to maybe check and see how my data connection is holding up... I have gotten very poor speed.. Under 200kb/s. DL.. I am in ny and my speeds have been fine in the past.. 2-3mb sec dl.. I am not over my dl limit through virgin Mobile so they haven't throttled me... Any way to flash or change some settings? Maybe all the flashing between roms has had an impact?

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yea, im with agent, running stock or a rom my data is up and down, and different areas probly have differences in the drops, if you wanna try and do a test i sometimes run the speedtest.net free app, after opening the app and going to tools and selecting better performance over better graphics and choosing the closest server to me i get 796kbps down and 877kbps up

but then again i just ran it a second time and came back with 962kbps down and 829 up lol

*sometimes when you lose 3g, disable and then re-enable mobile data will bring it back sometimes lol, and if that doesnt work, for me personally turning on and off wifi will bring it back, and worst case if neither works i power down and reboot the phone and then turn off and on the mobile data and thatll usually deff. bring it back for me
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On an interesting note... I contacted virgin Mobile and they "reset " my 3g and had me reboot, now I'm back at full 3g around 1-2mb/sec

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That'll work as well lol, but glad to hear your up and running again

Just keep those tips in mind incase it happens again, that way you have a few simple methods to try before you have to actually call them up
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