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Help Very strange problem - Contacts killing Bluetooth...


Apr 21, 2010
Ok, so recently, my desire, that has worked perfectly for months with the factory BT system in the car (Ford S-Max 2009) has decided to start playing up..

Pairs fine as soon as BT is turned on, BUT after approx 60 seconds, the phone tells me "BT Headset disconnected" BUT the car still thinks it's connected... Any incoming calls will display the caller name on the car screen, and mute the radio/audio - BUT you can only speak through the handset via loudspeaker... And when the call ends, the phone drops the call BUT the car still shows the call as in progress, and name/number on the dash.

Now, if I delete ALL of my contacts in the phone, it works flawlessly.. I have 234 contacts..

Have tried wifes Desire, and hers works perfectly (she has 300+ contacts) BUT if I delete her contacts, and put mine on her phone, then it crashes the same as mine - AND if I delete my contacts from my phone, and put hers into it, then again, mine works fine...

SO, it's looking like it's one or more of my contacts causing the prob, but how do I find out which one??

Both phones are debranded, running 2.2 and software version 2.10 - I did think it was down to the software, so downgraded mine to 2.09.405.8, but it was still the same..

Any ideas anyone, as it's REALLY annoying me, at the moment I am deleteing all of my contacts when I go out in the car, and re-importing them when I get out of the car, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day..



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