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Vibrant data plan activation via Best Buy


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May 3, 2010
Hi all,

I've gotten my new Vibrant thru Best Buy - just received it yesterday. Would it take a few days to have the data plan made active? My T-Mobile account still shows none. I tried connecting to my GMail acct and got a "no data plan" message.

Maybe I need to call TMo or Best Buy?

Maybe I can get away with just getting the $10/mo dumb phone data plan!

Maybe I can get away with just getting the $10/mo dumb phone data plan!

Won't work unfortunately :(

I've had a dumb phone w/ a data plan, popped the sim card into my friends vibrant, and 2 hours later data was blocked and kept sending me to the web2go upgrade web page :(

Any t-mo branded phone has its specific imei # attached to it that the servers can recognize and force you to upgrade to android data.

Might be able to only pay $20/mo tho for data with even more plus or android loyalty data plan through the loyalty dept if you've been with t-mo long enough.
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