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Video playback problem

Ok so I just picked up a Nexus S 4G and i'm loving it. Came from the samsung epic 4g and glad I made the switch. There's only 1 quirk I have about it besides the back button occasionally freezing, mine seems to have a problem with playing back a movie that my father played flawlessly on his tmobile G2X. I have preloaded a blu-ray rip of the remastered ALIENS (great movie BTW) and it plays but I cannot fast forward the movie. It's some wierd thing with it, if i try to drag the playback bar it fast forwards, but only like 20 seconds no matter how long I drag it. It has been converted to an mp4 file and is about 3GB big. I have tried moboplayer and Summerplayer and both do the same thing. Does anyone know how to fix this?
I think it's fussy about the size of the video, in terms of pixel width/height.

I've tried two movies, and neither would play, yet they were both the correct file type. Just gotta find the dimensions of the screen and convert a video to fit it.

How did you get it to play at all? I'm curious :p

Mp4 isn't a media codec itself, it is a container that contains a media file formatted with various codecs. The Nexus S only supports certain codecs out of the box (I don't recall which at the moment), but with apps like RockPlayer or Arc Media Player, you can play unsupported codecs.
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